Daniel Butler

Software Development Engineer
Former CPA

These are hardly ever read, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I went to school and started my career as an Accountant. Because my boss and mentor at the time believed in my ability to learn and my technical aptitude he gave me the space to explore and thrive as a software developer. The first true development project was fixing a webpage a consulting company developed for us. After that, I was hooked. During my tenure at The CORE Group, we automated and digitized the entire Accounting process, to the point that when COVID hit none of the Accounting department needed to go to the office. Remarkably we increased efficiency and accuracy during the period. To a large extend we used the Business Process Management software DocuPhase. We were doing things with DocuPhase that impressed them enough to invited me to speak as a keynote at their conference.

After a few years of building various websites and honing the processes, the company I worked for was acquired. After the acquisition, my job at the new company moved away from Software Development which is why I went to work at Amazon. At Amazon, I’m a part of the Fulfillment Technology organization. My work centers around Authentication and Authorization, User Lifecycle Management, Fulfillment Center Menus, and Labor Activity Tracking. Each one of those areas has at least one, or more, business critical services that cannot go down. The team at Amazon is great. I am still learning what it means to be on a high performing team, and how to think and take criticism, with minimal ego.